Powertrain Systems

Powertrain Systems

Your powertrain is all the components that result in power being transmitted from the engine to the drive wheels. On vehicles of this size, every component is robust to be able to handle the high weight of the truck itself in addition to the weight of potential cargo.

There is a specific page dedicated to engines. Transmissions can still be either manual or automatic, with more sophisticated and feature-packed automatics being developed each year. We at Diesel Works are familiar with them all, so we can diagnose and give them service and repairs as needed. Some transmissions also have a “power take-off” unit attached, which are also covered on a separate page.

Power is then transmitted to one or more driveshafts, which typically have large serviceable universal joints or constant velocity joints to allow the shafts to move with the suspension while spinning to turn the differential. There can be one, or more differentials, and some can also have a gear-reduction unit attached.

Each of these components require a specific amount of maintenance and care, and our trained technicians have the expertise and experience to provide the highest quality service so your big, big wheels keep on turning!

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