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Transmissions are a crucial part in any vehicle, and can be very dangerous if it breaks down or becomes faulty. The transmission is the part in your vehicle responsible for shifting gears. The transmission is what makes your vehicle go from park to drive, drive to park, and etc. So if you suspect that your vehicle's transmission is bad or going bad, you need to get it diagnosed right away. Not only for your safety, but for the safety of other drivers as well.

How Do I Know my Transmission is Going Bad?

4 Ways You Can Tell Your Transmission is Bad or Going Bad!

1. Having Problems Shifting Gears

  • Your vehicle's gears are a crucial part of the transmission, so if you’re having trouble shifting gears its most likely your transmission is about to give out. If you’re not sure if you’re having problems shifting gears, see if you notice the following symptoms:
  • Delayed shifting, usually will jerk the vehicle.
  • When shifting gears, the car either stutters or jerks.
  • The vehicle will shift gears on its own, this will include falling out of gear.

2. Hearing "Whines" or Any Unusual Noises.

  • If you hear unusual noises while driving or while being in park, those noises could be coming from your transmission and should never be ignored. The noise at times can increase while the vehicle is in neutral.

3. Puddles of Red Liquid Under Your Vehicle (Leaking Transmission)

  • If you start noticing that your car is leaving a puddle behind you should check out what liquid it is, because if it’s a red liquid you could be in trouble. A leaking transmission doesn’t necessarily mean your transmission is bad, but if the leak isn’t fixed it could lead to further damage. But if the red liquid is more of a darker red and smells burnt, the chances are that your transmission is bad.

4. Smelling a Burning Odor

  • When your transmission is going bad it starts to overheat the gears and the heat burns the transmission fluid and you can usually smell it as soon as you get out of your vehicle. If your find transmission fluid leak and it smells burnt, then you should contact us to get your transmission inspected.

Transmission Diesel

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